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Create DateJan 21, 2022


Thank you for visiting our site.  You can use this page to get a free ad running in front of many of our site visitors in a matter of a few minutes.

What you can do from now:

Open the following banner by clicking the "Click Here" text. You will see the following three steps.

  1. How it works: Here you get all the information as to how our system works. 
  2. Create your free Ad: This is a form. Enter your details. (1) Headline-is where you type your product/service (2) Describe your product or service is not more than 250 characters. (3) URL: you write your Website  Address.  Please write the following if you do not have a URL

replace the numbers with your phone number. Don't write 0(zero).

3. Your login details: 1. Your login details: (i) Name: Write your name and surname  (ii) Email: write your email address

4. Upgrade your Ad: Please do not open this step. You do when you want to upgrade your advert. Upgrading means modifying any or all of the following elements. In brackets is the price for a particular element. The price is in American dollars which is approximately R15.

(i) Increasing size($3)  (ii) Colour Add ($5)  (iii) Adding a picture/image ($10)  (iv) Add 5 Auto Ad Reloads($5)  (v) Send 200 Emails($5), (vi) Display as featured Advert ($2) . So adding all elements to your Ad will cost you $30  ( approx R480). You advert will circulate for abour three months before it needs reloading



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